Applewood Vegan Cheese Review + Classic Mac & Cheese Recipe (Stove-top or baked)

Hello and welcome to my first vegan product review! I’m starting us off with Applewood’s vegan “smoky cheese alternative”. This product has been so sought after it’s been flying off the shelves in Asda, with many turning to the Vegan Kind Supermarket to get their smoky cheesy fix! The cheese costs £2.30 for a 200gContinue reading “Applewood Vegan Cheese Review + Classic Mac & Cheese Recipe (Stove-top or baked)”

Mediterranean Tofu Scramble + Welcome!

To get us started, I’ve revamped a recipe from the old blog and I think you’ll agree that this version is on a whole new level! Tofu scramble is one of my favourite quick lunches and this one benefits from the gorgeous flavours of the Mediterranean. To complement the olives and capers of the old version, I’ve also added a dash of tahini and a few sundried tomatoes.